ESSL Testbed 2014


2 – 27 June 2014 and tentatively 13 – 24 October 2014   –   ESSL Research and Training Centre  –  Wiener Neustadt, Austria

The ESSL Testbed is a project to enhance severe weather forecasting across Europe. The Testbed provides forecaster training, testing of forecasting tools, and is a platform for interaction for researchers and forecasters.

The Testbed activities in more detail

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At the 2014 Testbed edition, there will be a number of new Testbed products, but only minor changes in the overall programme structure compared to the year before.

For enquiries regarding participation in the Testbed, please contact:
Magdalena Pichler
E-mail: testbed (at) essl (dot) org

For other organizational matters:
Pieter Groenemeijer or Alois M. Holzer
Tel: +49 151 59031839
Fax: +49 8153 9659 999 11
E-mail: testbed (at) essl (dot) org


Impressions from the ESSL Testbed: