ESSL Membership

Membership types

There are four types of ESSL membership. Members can be organizations or persons, and they can either be full members or supporting members. The full ESSL membership has certain requirements outlined in ESSL’s Articles of Association (AoA). A supporting ESSL membership is, in principle, open to everyone.

The ESSL Membership entitles you to use ESWD data under conditions determined in a User Agreement or User Contract.

The following table outlines the main characteristics of the four membership types (fees as of 2023):

(individual membership)
(institutional membership)
  • membership needs to be approved according to AoA
  • ESWD data for personal* use
  • with voting right in GA
  • fee: € 95 / year
  • membership needs to be approved according to AoA
  • for non-profit organizations only
  • ESWD data under conditions*
  • with voting right in GA
  • annual fee: see below
  • application form
  • in principle, for any person
  • ESWD data under conditions*
  • fee: € 295 / year
  • application form
  • in principle, for any organization
  • ESWD data under conditions*
  • annual fee: see below
  • application form

* Access to ESWD data is arranged through a User Agreement. The User Agreement for individual members can be found here. A draft agreement for commercial members can be provided upon request.

Membership application

To apply for ESSL membership, please fill in and sign the form, and then return a scan or the original to ESSL (e-mail: You will be notified when your application for membership has been approved. Your membership will come into force as soon as your fee payment has been made to the ESSL bank account.

When applying for ESSL membership, please consult the Articles of Association, since all ESSL members acknowledge to abide by these Articles. Here you can discover who are presently ESSL’s supporting members.

Because of ESSL’s non-profit status, the ESSL membership dues are tax-deductible for members in many legislatures.

Fees for Institutional Full Membership

The fees for Institutional Full Members (for which specific conditions apply, see above) are calculated as follows:

Annual fee = S x N / 44   (rounded upward to the next multiple of 100 EUR)

Here, S is the size category that can be determined from the table below, and N is the nominal GDP per capita of the country in EUR according to EUROSTAT (currently called “Main GDP aggregates per capita – current prices, euro per capita, gross domestic product at market prices”), and if not available, according to the World Bank.

 No. of employees greater than or equal to  Size category
1 1
200 2
500 3
1000 4
1500 5
2000 6

This table contains some example values:

   N = nominal GDP per capita in EUR
S 5000 10000 20000 30000 40000
1 200 300 500 700 1000
2 300 500 1000 1400 1900
3 400 700 1400 2100 2800
4 500 1000 1900 2800 3700
5 600 1200 2300 3500 4600
6 700 1400 2800 4100 5500


Institutional Supporting Members

For institutional supporting members, the annual fees depend on the number of employees of the applying legal entity. The fees are listed in this table:

No. of employees ANNUAL Fee (2024) in EUR
1 – 9 1600
10 – 24 3800
25 – 99 5100
100 – 249 7900
250 – 999 10500
equal or greater 1000 12200

The Institutional Supporting Membership fee undergoes a yearly inflational compensation, based on the EUROSTAT Harmonized EU Consumer Price Index of the previous year (of the last available annual data, currently called “HICP”).

These fees have been decided by the ESSL General Assembly on 5 November 2018. In case of descrepancies between this page and the minutes of that meeting, the minutes of that meeting shall prevail.

ESSL Supporter

If an ESSL membership is not a suitable form for you, you may consider to become an “ESSL Supporter”. ESSL Supporters wish to financially support the European Severe Storms Laboratory by a yearly donation of EUR 100.- as long as they want, without further obligations. Click here for more information.