This is the ESSL team. All persons can be contacted via e-mail.
Their addresses are formatted as follows:

Alois M. Holzer
Director of Operations

Bogdan Antonescu *
Deputy Director

Michou Baart de la Faille *
Deputy Director

Tanja Renko *
Deputy Director

Thilo Kühne
ESWD Quality Control Manager

Katja Dorninger
Assistant to the Board

Tomáš Púčik
Researcher, Senior Trainer
Igor Laskowski
ESWD Quality Control

Francesco Battaglioli

Zhongjian Liang
ESWD Database Programmer

Thomas Schreiner
ESWD User Support
Gabriel Strommer
ESWD Quality Control
Christoph Gatzen
Senior Trainer
Stefan Eisenbach
Senior Project Advisor and Head of External Relations

* in function without remuneration