Testbed 2013 ready to begin

The last preparations have now been made and we are ready to start with this year’s ESSL Testbed. ESSL is looking forward to welcoming around 50 participants from 20 countries in the coming 4 four weeks in ESSL’s Research and Training Centre in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

In this year’s edition of the Testbed, we will evaluate 6 forecast-supporting tools, and provide training to forecasters.  New features of this year’s Testbed are this Testbed Blog and remote access to the Testbed Data Interface for participants.

Like last year, with support of EUMETCAL, participants will be able to attend the Testbed’s Weather Briefings and Expert Presentations in the weeks that they are not at the Centre.


The ESSL team welcomes this year’s Testbed participants.