Lifetime Achievement Nikolai Dotzek Award 2018 for Bob Davies-Jones

The ESSL awarded Dr. Robert Davies-Jones with the Nikolai Dotzek Award for his lifetime achievement. Bob Davies-Jones is the first European to receive this prestigious award, to be presented at the upcoming ECSS in Kraków, Poland, where also the regular 2019 Nikolai Dotzek Award will be given.

Bob Davies-Jones is one of the founders of the modern theoretical description of supercell thunderstorms. Although he is perhaps best known for his contributions on supercell and tornado dynamics, he also has advanced the field of large-scale dynamics and made numerous contributions on basic fluid physics (often centered on one of the most important quantities to analyze tornadoes: vorticity).

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Dr. Robert Davies-Jones at the ECSS 2013 in Helsinki
(c) Paul Markowski
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