Reporting and Reporting Criteria

Which weather events should be reported?

The ESWD is intended as to be a database that only contains important weather events that can endanger people or do damage. Events that are already well-covered by other measurement systems, or that do not cause much impact do not qualify or have a low priority. Relatively strict criteria are in place regarding the severe weather to be reported. They are listed in the following document:

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NEW:  ESSL hail size comparisons

Who can report?

Basically anyone can report severe weather to the ESWD. In particular, weather services, associations of weather enthusiasts and motivated individuals are encouraged to submit reports. To do so, you may use the “Submit a report” link at the top of the ESWD page.

Can I become an ESWD partner?

Maybe. If you or your organization intend to submit many reports to the ESWD, please contact ESWD user support at to discuss the possibility of a formal partnership. We expect you to take the reporting very seriously. Establishing the partnership includes a bit of paperwork.