International Fujita Scale

In 2018, ESSL initiated the International Fujita Scale Steering Group to develop a internationally applicable way to assess tornado and wind damage. Backward compatibility with the original wind speed scale developed by Dr. Ted Fujita of the University of Chicago is an important aim.

The working group presented its first preliminary draft version of this International Fujita scale in October 2018 at the American Meteorological Society’s Severe Local Storms conference in Stowe, Vermont, USA and the World Meteorological Organization’s High Impact Weather workshop in Beijing, China in November 2018. It is the aim of the Working Group to arrive at a first full version of the document by 2020 after a number of iterations.

The first IF-scale draft document (version 0.10) can be downloaded here.

The poster introducing the IF-scale that was presented at the Beijing HIW workshop can be found here.

As of November 2018, the Steering Group members are:

Pieter Groenemeijer (ESSL), chair
Lothar Bock (DWD, Germany)
Juan de Dios Soriano (AEMet , Spain)
Delia Gutiérrez-Rubio (AEMet, Spain)
Alois M. Holzer (ESSL)
Martin Hubrig (independent forestry consultant)
Rainer Kaltenberger (ZAMG, Austria)
Thilo Kühne (ESSL)
Bas van der Ploeg (Netherlands)
Gabriel Strommer (ESSL)

To contact the group, please send a message to