The European Severe Storms Laboratory bi-annually presents two awards to outstanding scientists:

Nikolai Dotzek Award

The “Nikolai Dotzek Award” in the past years quickly became the most prestigious award in the global severe weather research community.

Nikolai Dotzek Award Trophy Nikolai Dotzek Award trophy, (c) Alois M. Holzer, ESSL


Nikolai Dotzek Award list and detailed information (PDF)

Heino Tooming Award

The “Heino Tooming Award” has the longest tradition and fosters European collaboration.

Tooming Award list and detailed information (PDF)


ECSS Awards

In addition to the Nikolai Dotzek Award and the Heino Tooming Award at the ECSS outstanding posters, oral presentations and student contributions are awarded.

List of ECSS awards (PDF)


Due to the pandemic in 2021 no awards were given. The next awards will be given to Pao Wang, Martin Setvák and Kris Bedka at the ECSS in Bucharest, Romania, in May 2023. See news article.