Workshop: Convective Storm Risk

Online Workshop
Dates: 24 – 26 November 2020


ESSL researchers and external experts will organize a two-and-a-half day event on various aspects of the risk posed by convective storms. Presentations will be given about the following topics, and additional topics may be added:

  • Tomáš Púčik (ESSL): The ingredients of severe convection
  • Tomáš Púčik (ESSL): Impacts of hailstorms in Europe
  • Thilo Kühne (ESSL): Severe weather data collection in the ESWD
  • Bogdan Antonescu (ESSL): European climatology of observed severe convection and its impacts
  • Tomáš Púčik (ESSL): Convective windstorms in Europe
  • Pieter Groenemeijer (ESSL): Modelling severe convective hazards using reanalyses
  • Pieter Groenemeijer (ESSL): Looking forward: Severe Storms and climate change
  • Bogdan Antonescu (ESSL): Tornadoes in Europe. What is the worst that could happen?
  • Mateusz Taszarek (NOAA): Past trends of convective storms in Europe and the USA
  • Tanja Renko and Michou Baart de la Faille (DHMZ, KNMI): Risk mitigation: Severe weather warnings
  • Eberhard Faust and Anja Rädler (Munich RE): Mitigation of severe convective storm risk
  • Jürgen Grieser (RMS):
    A European Severe Convective Storm Loss Model for the Insurance Industry (to be confirmed)

The event is directed at academics, students, risk modellers and reinsurers.

Participants are invited to give a presentation themselves about any of the above topics or closely related topics in coordination with the organizers. Contact to make a suggestion.

The following speakers and presentations have been confirmed:


The event is scheduled to take place during the following times:
Tuesday 24 November 9:00 – 16:30
Wednesday 25 November 9:00 – 16:30
Thursday 26 November 9:00 – 12:00
Each day will include a number of breaks, including a long lunch break from 12:00 – 13:30.


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