Workshop: Convective Storm Risk

Location: ESSL Research and Training Centre, Wiener Neustadt*
Dates: 24-26 November 2020

*online in case the corona virus outbreak prevents an on-site activity

ESSL researchers and external experts will organize a two-and-a-half day event on various aspects of the risk posed by convective storms. Presentations will be given about the following topics, and additional topics may be added:

  • Convective hazard observations
  • Modelling of hazards using physics-based statistical methods
  • Translation of hazard occurrence to risk
  • Changes in risk due to climate change
  • Human impacts of convective storms and vulnerability
  • Risk mitigation

The event is directed at academics, students, risk modellers and reinsurers, who are invited to give a presentation themselves about any of the above topics or closely related topics in coordination with the organizers. Contact to make a suggestion.

Registration will open in the late summer.