European Severe Storms Laboratory

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European Conferences on Severe Storms

Every two years the international scientific community gets together to exchange the newest developments in severe storm research. These conferences are organized by ESSL and a local partner at varying locations across Europe and the Mediterranean. They are supported by the European Meteorological Society.

Upcoming ECSS Conference:


8th European Conference on Severe Storms

ECSS 2015

Wiener Neustadt, Austria
14-18 September 2015

For more information on the upcoming conference, please click here.

Earlier ECSS Conferences


History of the European Conferences on Severe Storms

Severe thunderstorms, with their attendant strong winds, hail, flooding, and tornadoes, are common phenomena in many European countries, leading to a total damage estimate of 5 to 8 billion Euros per year. However, their documentation in the scientific literature has been sparse in the decades after 1950. While meteorological conditions leading to severe thunderstorm occurrences in Europe are similar to those observed in the USA and elsewhere, they differ in detail, especially with regard to mesoscale characteristics like terrain-induced circulations. A better knowledge of European severe thunderstorms could bring new insights into severe storm dynamics and forecasting worldwide. Accordingly, a first conference on "European Tornadoes and Severe Storms" was held in Toulouse in February 2000. The conference participants agreed that this meeting was an important first step in fostering further research coordination and collaboration in this scientifically and socio-economically highly relevant research area. From the follow-up conference in Prague (August 2002), the name of the conference series was changed to "European Conference on Severe Storms (ECSS)". After the third ECSS in León in November 2004, it was decided to have one three-year break before the fourth ECSS in Trieste in September 2007. Thus, the ECSS and the AMS Severe Local Storms conference in the USA are no longer in the same year, and scientifc exchange between severe convective storms researchers in Europe and the USA is further enhanced.